Q:  How do I schedule a session?

A:  Go to the Instruction Page – Click on the link for the coach with which you would like to schedule a session.  If you do not see a link for your coach, or a date/time that fits your schedule, contact to schedule a date and time for a session.

Q:  Where are sessions held?

A:  Individual sessions are conducted at Madtown Sluggers at 3040 Laura Lane in Middleton or at certain days and times at the UW Health American Center (4602 Eastpark Blvd, Madison, WI).  We also may come to your hometown or little league site for larger camps and team clinics.  Contact Brad for details.

Q:  Are 1-hour lessons or ½ hour lessons recommended?

A:  1-hour sessions are recommended for players just starting out with individual instruction.  Generally, ½ hour lessons are for players 10 and under or those players working regularly with WBA and focusing on only one skill (pitching, hitting, etc.)

Q:  How many sessions are recommended to maximize results?

A:  Every player is different, but typically a 5-session series is recommended. Players new to WBA are encouraged to sign up for one session to gain a better understanding of our teaching philosophy and how the instruction could benefit the player.  After the first session, we can determine a plan for future sessions.  For maximum benefit, regular sessions weekly or bi-weekly are recommended to establish and implement a progressive plan for the player to achieve long-range goals.